Wilde is Arrested for Homosexuality
A Short Biography
The turning point came when
he was arrested, charged and
imprisoned for two years. He
was charged with gross
indecency with other men,
which practically was an
unspeakable crime at the time.
This ordeal led him to write a
letter which outlined the perils
of his prison life. Upon his
release he went to France
where he settled until his
demise in 1900. His final piece
of literary work was written in
It can be reiterated that Oscar
Wilde was one of the greatest
authors of his generation. Yes
he did have a racy personal
life but the mark that he has
made lies with his
contributions to literature. His
poems and letters had an
honest voice. He also had a
lot of quotes which are rather
poignant and inspirational.
People have and continue to
be fascinated with his work.

Oscar Wilde as Dandy A Contemporary Caricature of Oscar Wilde
Picture of Oscar Wilde
A Contemporary Caricature of Oscar Wilde