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The Literary Genius of Oscar Wilde:

A Short Biography
A celebrated poet, playwright
and author Oscar Wilde born
in Dublin was a force to be
reckoned with. He is
remembered for his witty
adages, his rebellious nature
and of course his contribution
to society via his literary works.
As a scholar of literature his
works reflect the sheer genius
of the man. He is revered as
one of the powerhouses of
nineteenth century literature.
Oscar Wilde’s literary works
are used as reference pieces
in many colleges and
universities around the world.
Some of his more popular
pieces are “An ideal Husband”
and “The Importance of Being
Earnest.” The one novel which
he wrote (The Picture of
Dorian Gray) is also quite
popular. Such a literary icon
was he that many of his works
have been translated to film
and quite a number of
museums have been erected
in his memory. The house in
which he grew up in Dublin is
also well preserved.

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